Soon The Best Way for Creators to

Find True Fans. Focus on Art. Get More Sales. Reach FIRE.


Creator for 12 years myself, I know how it could be hard to sell our creations.

Especially on early days.

Based on my experiences, my ambition is to solve a huge pain point Creators have : finding true fans.

But, really ... WHY am I doing this project ?

I am a strong advocate of universal income. It is a powerful way to fight against groupthink and to put the economy back at the service of the human being.

When my project will work as imagined, it will be a practical demonstration that comes close to this concept.

WHY working with Creators first ?

Financial autonomy is the state closest to universal income in a capitalist society. Because of their already-autonomous-mindset, this makes Creators a good audience to start this pioneering experience.

Nothing new starts with sheeps.

That's why I am looking first for original thinkers, contrarians and smart people with vivid boldness. A lot of Creators I met share these qualities.

HOW do you convince me to join ?

My project will increase your sales by at least 100% in 24h and help you reach financial freedom faster.

Enhancing profoundly 365 Creators lives a year is Mission #1 for this project.

If you are blind, here is the first online image of Dixit. Dixit is one of the characters that
        lives in my head and he helps me create independent online projects.
        His critical mind allows me to ask myself the right questions without ever censoring me.
        But most of all, Dixit is a companion on the road that makes me forget the loneliness of the human condition.
        However all this is a bit too metaphysical for a description of images. Let's continue.
        The drawing represents Dixit who says to me : worst copyriting ever ... looks like a dropshipping website...

This is not dropshipping.

So you get it; it's a conversation.
      Here, Dixit ask me: a miraculous course to become rich

This is not a miraculous course. Neither consulting.

Dixit asks me a new question: is it a Ponzi scheme? You should see his face.
        He has a long, elongated neck with a teardrop-shaped head. At least, the representation of teardrop
        that non-blind people have : rounded and stretched upwards. let's continue the conversation.

Nop. Crook as a career is never a sustainable choice.

A little annoyed, but above all impatient, Dixit asks: but what is it then?

This is a ...

Dixit interrupted me just as I was about to talk about the project, what a shame!
      Here is his question : and why did you draw me so badly ?

I am learning to draw with my tablet.

You are a MVP *

*("minimum viable product". Sorry, Dixit, you didn't reach "most valuable person" level, yet.)

There, dixit gets really angry and scolds me.
        According to him, I have to learn to draw quickly so that he can have the same head as his model.
        David Hasselhof. Yes, everyone has his own tastes...

Ok ... If we reach 5.000 subscribers for this pre-launch, I will take self-taught drawing classes.

Finally, Dixit tells you: well you know what you have to do.
        He sighs. And he ends by complaining: I can't even point you out like real Uncle Sam to be more convincing...
        And after that, no more Dixit appearances, it's time to sign up for my great project.

Alpha version is planned for spring 2023.
Subscribe to be among the first users.
(Lifetime benefits for early-adopters provided).


It’s the first time I published something online that I coded from scratch

Beyond this subscription form, it's above all a passionate self-taught developer preparing a dreamy project for ambitious Creators.

I could fully understand that you don't like the idea of subscribing to something that doesn't exist (and isn't clearly stated).

However I am committed to rewarding your curiosity and trust.

I won't be offended if you only give me the address of your second e-mail account. I would do the same (and miss the launch ...).

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